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About Us

EV chargers compatible with all Australian EV cars. Safe & easy to use.

“Anyone can import products but it takes a lot of time, energy, knowledge and passion to create products that work in the harsh Australian environment. I strive to provide new niche products that people need.”

– Tim Mobbs CEO

Innovation is always going to be at the forefront of SEVR – Solar, Electric Vehicle & Renewables. As we continue to push the boundaries and continually challenge the status quo of existing products and techniques.We provide EV products and solutions to our ever-growing base of loyal customers – both residential and commercial – with precisely what they need. The SEVR brand backed by it’s award-winning parent company (M-Holdings) has forged its success due to a winning combination of high-quality product, mass compatibility, and unrivalled customer service.

Member Benefits:
  • 3 year onsite warranty for M-Elec products
  • Optional direct marketing on the latest products & offerings
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